Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Windows related problems

Ahhh its imaging season again. Time to deal with the multitude of annoyances and headaches that come with it. A brief summary.

1) I discovered that after sysprep WMP is broken. When trying to start it, unless one is an admin I get "to use windows media player log off from windows log back on". It doesn't always fix itself. The recommended solution is to reinstall WMP.

2)To prevent Windows Media Player from creating shortcuts and showing first use dialog boxes.

Expand Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Media Player.

Double-click Do Not Show First Use Dialog Boxes, select Enabled and click Ok.

It was doing that on startup for every new user.

3) Sysprep has the error: “The software you are installing for this hardware XXX has not passed Windows Logo testing”. Have to hit continue at least 6 times to get around it. I don't remember how I got around this one. It happened on a clone machine that uses SATA IDE drivers and that was what the error was referring to.