Monday, November 16, 2009

Changing icon text background color

Sometimes my Google-fu really leads me the wrong way.  Since I loaded a new HTML wallpaper with a gradient from black to white, I've been having troubles with the color of the background behind the icon text. 

The following is an excerpt from which summarizes the solution that has worked for most people.

Re: Text on desktop icons has background color - not transparent

Four things are required for transparent icon backgrounds:
1.Control Panel-System-Advanced-Performance Settings. Check "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop" on the Visual Effects tab.
2.Right-click on Desktop - "Arrange Icons by" and ensure Lock Web items is cleared.

3.Transparency will not work if you have web content on your desktop, Control Panel - Display Properties - Desktop tab - Customize Desktop - Web tab. Clear all check boxes.

4. Ensure the Wallpaper is an image file not HTML.
Alan Edwards, MS MVP Windows - Internet Explorer

I'm using Active Desktop which rules out making any background transparent.  All I want to do is change the icon text background to black instead of white which will make the fade from black to grey bearable.  I've done this a few months ago, now I don't remember how to do it.

What I discovered was... that the background color in my HTML file was set to white.  After changing it to black the icon background changed to black as well.  Perhaps there is a way using CSS or transparency to make the background transparent so I don't have to worry about this.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Drive letters and Sysyprep

I have a card reader with 4 drives installed on a machine that I'm trying to sysprep. I need the drive letters to start at I: but sysprep insists on resetting them back to E:.  So here is how I solved it.

setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

echo %computername%.txt | findstr ENE327 > NULL
        echo The string contains ENE327.
        echo Calling remap.cmd...
        call c:\declone\remap.cmd
echo %computername%.txt | findstr ENE333 > NULL
        echo The string contains ENE333.
        echo Calling remap.cmd...
        call c:\declone\remap.cmd
setlocal disabledelayedexpansion
del /q NULL

I ran this code after sysprep.  The remap.cmd code is:

@echo off
echo Please do not have any USB drives mounted for the next step!
echo Before continuing, verify the following.  If not,press CTRL-C to quit as you may be reassigning the wrong drive!!
echo Volume 2 is E
echo Volume 3 is F
echo Volume 4 is G
echo Volume 5 is H

diskpart /s diskcheck_scriptfile.txt

echo Sleeping for 3 seconds...
c:\declone\sleep 3

echo Running Diskpart
diskpart /s scriptfile.txt
echo The drives have been remapped as follows:
echo Volume 2 is I
echo Volume 3 is J
echo Volume 4 is K
echo Volume 5 is L

echo Sleeping for 3 seconds...
c:\declone\sleep 3

Here are the contents of scriptfile.txt:

list volume
select volume 2
assign letter=I
select volume 3
assign letter=J
select volume 4
assign letter=K
select volume 5
assign letter=L
list volume

Diskcheck_scriptfile contains list volume.