Monday, June 28, 2010

Internet Explorer cannot find the Active Desktop HTML file

So the problem with IE is the error “Internet Explorer cannot find the Active Desktop HTML file” shows up and the background is messed up. The solution is either to delete the user profile, or create Documents and Settings\%User%\application data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer where user is the affected user.

Apparently, this can also be caused by a profile deletion script that runs after reboot at 6am.  Not sure why this would be the case.

Monday, June 21, 2010

When does runonce not run?

When the user you're logged in as is not an administrator on the computer.  Post-sysprep2.bat did not run because the user was logged into the domain, but was not a local admin.  Easy to fix, just change the logon back to local.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

BartPE - stop 0x07b error

Well I'm trying to make BartPE faster by removing the ramdisk portion.  One of my colleagues uses Grub4dos.  My compile out of the box does not work.  A modification of the fixes it nicely.

An excerpt:

I am having the same problem. Replacing the modified does not solve the problem for me
I got it to work after I change the sata mode in bios from AHCI to compatibility. Any idea why

Honestly it puzzles me a lot. This error basically means, that your boot device is no longer accessible. Since during Text mode the boot device is your USB disk/stick, what drivers you have for your disk controller should NOT matter, it simply wouldn't find your hard disk.

The modified resolves problems with some buggy BIOSes, when USB bus is reset and USB peripherals re-enumerated. Many Dells have this problem. And it makes sense to get BSOD 7B in that case.
We use Dell, almost exclusively....