Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BartPE - missing plugin causes WMI not to work

I know that this is so old school, but in recompiling BartPE, I had disabled the XPE v1.0.4 plug for MMC by accident.  This causes amongst other things, the serial number not to be picked up.  As it still works fine when booted into Windows.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The smallest things trip me up...

I had to brush the cobwebs off an old XP image that I built on an Optiplex 960 in AHCI mode last year.  The lab got upgraded to 980s and I need a temporary image until I can go W7.  So I loaded it, it sysprepped and it hung on "Applying computer settings...".  The secret was, after loading the image in BartPE, copy the new Sysprep/Declone program with the updated drivers.  And switch to ATA mode as AHCI on the 980s doesn't seem to work properly unless it is a from scratch XP install.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BartPE and booting off a new generation of USB key

I've had to upgrade my ways of booting BartPE every time a new USB key comes out.  This time, a Patriot Xporter 64GB.  We still use the 32 GB version but find that it doesn't boot on Optiplex 980s. But this one does.

My old methods of formatting didn't work. Pe2usb errors, ufdprep doesn't recoginize abover 32 GB. So I used rmpartusb which comes as part of the "Bootable USB-Drive Utility" as made by someone for use with BartPE. There is a certain offset that must be written to the bootsector to allow ntldr to be be found.

The magic line is: rmpartusb drive=x xp ntfs volume=BartPE