Friday, October 14, 2011

Multibooting BartPE and Litetouch PE

Woohoo!  I 've figured out how to PXE boot either BartPE or Litetouch from a menu.  Tried it via syslinux and grub4dos but neither worked. Here are the details.

Prepare the USB media
1) Use rmpartusb to format the drive.  It can be found here
3) Run “rmpartusb list” to figure out which drive number is the USB key.
4) Run “rmpartusb drive=<drive number> winpe ntfs volume=WINPE”

or use diskpart:

Using Diskpart
Open a command prompt:

1) diskpart
2) list disk
3) select disk 7 (or whatever disk your media is)
4) clean
5) create partition primary
6) select partition 1
7) active
8) format quick fs=NTFS
9) assign
10) exit

Copy Files
These are the details if you need to go back to the deploymentshare$ to retrieve the files.  I had initially built special media for this but it takes a lot of space.  Will script this at some point for JIT builds. I am only using the x64 version of Litetouch.

• Copy the contents of deploymentshare$\Boot\x64 to the root of the USB stick
• Copy deploymentshare$\scripts\autorun.inf to the root of the USB stick
• Copy the following to the Deploy folder in the root of the USB stick

o Control
o Out-of-Box Drivers
o Scripts
o Servicing
o Tools

• Create empty folders in the root called: $OEM$, Applications, Backup, Capture, Operating Systems, and Packages (Don't really know if these are needed at all)

I haven’t quite figured out which files are needed and why, but initially it looks like the following can be deleted:

• Backup\Automatic
• Servicing\x86
• Tools\x86
• USMT\x86

Add BartPE
This is using SDI media.  It can also be done with the original BartPE files. Copy, setupldr.bin and bartpe.sdi to the root of the USB media. Setupldr.bin needs to be from W2K3 SP1.

Modify the BCD Store
Use bcdedit to modify the bcd file. The file of the same name in Deploy\Boot\x64\EFI\microsoft\boot does not seem to be required.

Show current entries
Bcdedit /store E:\boot\bcd /enum

Making the x64 image load by default
Bcdedit /store E:\boot\bcd /default {identifier}

Delete entry (for the x86 load if present)
Bcdedit /store E:\boot\bcd /delete {identifier}

To add the BartPE entries, do the following:
bcdedit /store E:\boot\BCD /create {ntldr} /d BartPE
bcdedit /store E:\boot\BCD /set {ntldr} device boot
bcdedit /store E:\boot\BCD /set {ntldr} path setupldr.bin
bcdedit /store E:\boot\BCD /displayorder {ntldr} /addlast
bcdedit /store E:\boot\BCD /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu yes

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Windows 7 - Screen res and sysprep

I was capturing a MDT install and noticed that the screen resolution was defaulting to a low value. Like 1024x768. Turns out that there was a setting in OOBEstystem\Display that set it to 1024x768. Removed it and will see how it goes with the next capture.