Friday, March 16, 2012

Sharepoint 2007 permissions

Sharepoint, in my opinion, doesn't have a straightforward inteface, especially for administration. To assign permissions to a group for a specific folder, do the following:

1) Browse to the folder you would like to assign permissions to.
2) Click on the dropdown box of the target folder and click on Manage Permissions.

3) Click on New/Add Users and enter the appropriate information.

Previously, I was entering the folder and clicking on Settings, Document Library Settings in the ribbon.  That caused the permissions to be added to the folder above, which I didn't want.

Monday, March 5, 2012

BartPE: Loading SDIs

Wondering if there is an easier way to load an SDI file for BartPE? Without startrom.0?

Checkout this link.

Use the link below as the links to the files within the link above are not valid,

Some more thoughts about loading SDI only.  It looks like that it would only work if the partition can be imported and was using and boot ini.  So it will not work with my setup which uses minint and the renamed setupldr.exe (to ntldr) from W2K3SP1.

An excerpt from the link below, which I found interesting.

There are only two binaries:
osloader and setupldr.

osloader is for normal installation and XP Embedded
setupldr is for setup and WinPE

Each of them come in two flavors:
.bin is for loading by boot sector
.exe is for loading by startrom

.bin's just have a (same) prepend before corresponding .exe' PE image
That prepend can be stripped away by from ris-linux.

osloader.bin is what named ntldr (w/o extension)

Osloader.exe is the only one which can be put into SDI.
(only osloader knows of PART BLOB and only .exe can be run by startrom)

But osloader is the name for protected mode part of ntldr,
so it inherits inability to load WinPE, when standard ntldr is unable.

The following is a good discussion about the way the files work.