Sunday, September 2, 2012

Optiplex 9010 does not sysprep

Everytime I receive a new model of Optiplex... I have this problem. Windows fails to load. WinPE will boot (after injecting network drivers), Sysprep will run. Then come to a screeching halt with : 
"Windows setup could not configure Windows to run on this computer hardware".  The image is Windows 7 Enterprise SP1.

I've read some literature which recommends upgrading to SP1 for Windows 7. Or switching the BIOS to ATA or AHCI instead of RAID. Due to the new 4k sector disks.

I tried installing from the original Windows 7 Enterprise DVD. Nada. Looked up the orginal image which was Windows 7 Professional from Dell. It was SP1 I noted.

So I switched the BIOS setting to ATA. Bingo, it finally loaded.  But I was missing the SM bus driver and a few other things were absent from the System Devices.  I installed it manually and all the devices appeared to be installed.

Beginning to wonder if the missing driver was causing the problem? My next step is to switch the BIOS back to RAID only and try an image with the missing chipset drivers. Will sysyprep it on a 980 rather than a 960 and see how that works.

Well that was a failure.  This is starting to look like the problem I had last year, with a new 980.

So I think I will reload it in ATA, mode, fudge with the drivers and see if I can at least switch it back to AHCI.

Update: November 22

So with MDT I had to download the entire Enterprise CAB. Even then it was missing a Realtek PCIE card driver for the AIO even though all drivers were detected for the desktop. What I did notice was that just downloading all the drivers and installing them manually was sufficient, but for MDT it is missing many drivers unless it has the entire Enterprise CAB. Of course, this worked fine with BIOS set to RAID.

A side project involved using a bare bones VM for testing driver injection to save on load time.  That did not work really well. While on the logon screen, movement of the mouse or keyboard press would cause a reboot of the computer. Suspect it is the image and may need to sysyprep again. Since driver injection worked on the generic image.