Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Text file formats

One needs to be careful when copying code from the web.  File formats do matter. For example, if one is copying code for the Windows Task Scheduler, it is done in UTF-16. If a text editor without support is used, the file might display and save correctly, but not run.

Come to think of it, I've occasionally run across this in code I write from scratch. I might have copied a portion from another source and it's enough to cause problems with running it. The best thing to do is to type in the code from scratch. That way, any hidden or uninterpretable characters will not be present.

I'm talking mostly about Windows batch files, but it could easily happen with any type of text file.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Optiplex 980 BIOS update breaks BartPE

I updated an Optiplex 980 from A07 to A13.  It broke booting BartPE from both USB and PXE.  I know I should get with it and use WinPE (I do for other reasons) but Bart generally works well for us. The error from PXE was:

Windows NT has found only 511K of low memory. 512K of low memory is required to run Windows NT. You may need to upgrade your computer or run a configuration program provided by the manufacturer

The USB didn't boot at all. The solution was to boot from WinPE (I only have a 64 bit version) and use Ghost64.exe. Worked perfectly.

We are using MDT and moving to SCCM anyway, I just don't have WinPE built with Ghost on it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Unable to update collection. Insufficent rights - SCCM 2012

We made an attempt to implement role based security.  It had the effect of not allowing objects to be added to an existing collection that the user had created. A new collection would be fine.The reason is that the limiting collection is All Systems and the new security model does not allow modify access to that.

Upon attempting to add a machine to the collection, I get Unable to update collection. Insufficent rights. The Add Resource option for the computer is not available either. So new limiting collections are required that we have access to.


Update (03/27/13)

I tried to "Import Computer Information" manually.  Using a name and MAC address.  I had no problems adding it to my specified collection, but it would not show up in the SCCM database. Actually it does, but I don't have permissions to see it.  This is due to the limiting collection, which was "All Systems", then "All Windows Workstations". That did not work either, as the entry has nothing to indicate that it is a Windows workstation.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Group policy causing problems

There is something funny going on with a few machines I have in the lab.

1)      Group policy for this particular OU runs inconsistently. If it is not running, need to toggle UAC on/off

a.      Seems to be missing 11-19 Windows updates.  Nothing on WSUS server but 19 pending on MS site? Could be patch Tuesday…

2)      UAC needs to be off in order to make changes to Program Files\UltraVNC.

3)      UltraVNC finally accepted CTRL-ALT-DEL, but only after group policy successfully applied

4)      Forcibly removing the print driver using printui /s /t2 did not make a difference

5)      Printing still broken, now calculates incorrect page counts for both Word and Powerpoint

So, after doing the required Windows updates, the page count was correct again. Not sure what happened, but guessing the Windows updates caused it. Note that by default, Windows thought the updates were current from WSUS, but they weren't according to the manual update to the Microsoft site.
More specifically, I am layering group policy, and it was the last policy that did not apply, even though it was not denied.
I am guessing either KB2685811 or KB2685813 caused it, as the others are unlikely.
So if group policy is not applying properly, do a manual Windows update.